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General Disclaimer

By participating in a session with Creative Leaf Holistic (CLH) and/or Sakkshi, the client acknowledges and agrees that they have chosen to do so of their own personal will and accord.


The services offered by Creative Leaf Holistic, its practitioner Sakkshi, and any members operating under the banner of Creative Leaf Holistic are primarily intended to enhance general well-being, motivation, lifestyle, and mindset. These services do not, in any way, constitute the provision of medical advice.


Clients are expressly advised that the products and services provided by Creative Leaf Holistic are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It is imperative that clients never disregard or delay seeking professional medical advice or treatment based on information or services received from Creative Leaf Holistic.


The content and information provided by Creative Leaf Holistic are intended for informational purposes and are centered around sharing ancient and new-age wisdom related to the science of crystal healing and the human energy field.


Creative Leaf Holistic does not assume ownership over, nor does it claim to guarantee specific results within a designated time frame for any client. Each client is a unique individual, and the pace and effectiveness of their response to the services offered are contingent on their personal commitment and responsibility.


Clients should be aware that the outcome of any service or session provided by Creative Leaf Holistic is a result of their own personal onus and engagement.

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