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Welcome to
Creative Leaf Holistic

I am Sakkshi, the Founder of Creative Leaf Holistic, and I am a therapeutic guide for the spiritually curious. My journey into energy healing began at the young age of 16, guided by my innate intuitions that led me to explore human psychology and spirituality. Armed with certifications in holistic therapy, hypnotherapy, crystal healing, astrology, and divination, I blend metaphysical modalities with profound insights from psychology.

After an illustrious 11-year career in corporate marketing, I dedicated myself entirely to becoming an energy healer, hypnotherapist, and crystal therapy practitioner. My mission is clear—to help individuals harness their inner abilities and subconscious minds, enabling them to radiate as their best selves. My holistic approach involves rewiring subconscious psychology while incorporating metaphysical energy work, contributing to the elevation of collective consciousness.

In 2020, I founded Creative Leaf Holistic, driven by a deep-seated calling to guide others toward the transformative power within. Beyond individual consultations, I conduct seminars, workshops, and courses, fostering a community of spiritual growth and self-discovery.

"We are all connected through the energy field of life force; as we heal ourselves from the inside out, we create a positive impact on the world for everyone. Let me help you discover the infinite power within you." – Sakkshi Mathur

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